Carlton Parish Council

Parish Clerk: C J Peat, 7 Main Street, Carlton, Nuneaton, Warks, CV13 0BZ
Tel: 01455 290934

Carlton Parish Plan

Parish Plan 2011

The Parish Plan Group was formed after a public meeting held in St Andrews church on 15th February and mentored by Jane Reed of the Rural Community Council. Members of the Group were Sally Frazer (Chairman), Stuart Tupling (Vice-Chairman), Chris Peat (Secretary), Pat Lockwood (Treasurer), Rachel Brockhurst, Carol Piggon and Tania Sharp.

The questionnaires were issued in October and were collected back before Christmas 2012. The Adult questionnaire achieved a response rate of 88%, and the Young People questionnaire a response rate of 86%. We thank all residents, young and old, for their strong support.

Work on data entry was completed in March, and a copy of the Final Report was delivered to every household in the Parish during July. The Report was discussed at a public meeting at The Gate Hangs Well on Thursday 16th August 2012.

Parish appraisals were carried out in 1991 and 2001, and the results have underpinned many projects since then.

Chris Peat (Secretary)

Carlton Parish Plan 2011

Carlton Parish Plan 2011 - Final Report

Carlton Parish Appraisal 2001

Carlton Parish Appraisal 2001 - Final Report

Carlton Parish Plan Group Minutes

CPPG Mins 3 March 2011
CPPG Mins 31st March 2011
CPPG Mins 5th May 2011
CPPG Mins 2nd June 2011
CPPG Mins 4th August 2011
CPPG Mins 27th October 2011
CPPG Mins 22nd March 2012
CPPG Mins 3rd May 2012
CPPG Mins 14th June 2012
CPPG Mins 19th July 2012
CPPG Mins 11th October 2012

Carlton Parish Plan Group Constitution

CPPG Constitution