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Parish Clerk: C J Peat, 7 Main Street, Carlton, Nuneaton, Warks, CV13 0BZ
Tel: 01455 290934

Carlton Gardening Group

The Carlton Gardening Group was formed to oversee the creation and management of the Carlton Diamond Jubilee Orchard for the enjoyment and benefit of the public, and to encourage public involvement in this project. The Group now also contributes to the management of the Churchyard and Cemetery, and other public spaces in the parish. The pictures below show the wildflower meadow in May (pink) and June (white).

Wildflower meadow in May Wildflower meadow in June

Forward work programme

Current work programme

Site plan

Latest site plan - 14th August 2022

Photo gallery

Replacing waymark posts June 2023
3rd March 2023 Installation of new gatepost, Diamond Jubilee Orchard
21st February 2023 Hedgecutting, Diamond Jubilee Orchard
9th August 2022 - Setting out grave spaces in the Cemetery
13th May 2022 - Laying extra playbark, Toddlers Play Area
7th May 2022 - Cutting back trees and shrubs, Little Lane
April 2022 - installing drainage behind churchyard retaining wall
April 2022 - levelling soil in Cemetery
22nd February 2022 Clearing blocked ditch, Congerstone Lane
17th November 2021 Removing ivy from weeping silver birch tree
17th November 2021 Removing stump of dead cherry tree
2nd - 4th November 2021 Churchyard works
19th June 2021 - levelling footpath S69 next to Cemetery
19th June 2021 - levelling hollow in Churchyard
6th May 2021 - topping up playbark in toddlers play area
18th November 2019 - pruning churchyard yew trees
28th October 2019 - installation of seat in Diamond Jubilee Orchard
2018 - Review of the year
2017 - Review of the year
5th December 2017 - hedge trimming and winter clear-up
29-30th June 2017 - laying final wearing surface on Diamond Jubilee Orchard path
10th May 2017 - surfacing of Little Lane footpath
4th November 2015 - erection of entrance signs
15th October 2015 - laying wearing surfacing on Diamond Jubilee Orchard path
Examples of bug hotels
15th August 2015 - construction of bug hotel
9th June 2015 - Sowing of meadow areas
March-April 2015 - Cultivation of meadow areas
March 2015 - Excavation of Toddlers Play Area
3rd March 2015 - Cleaning northern hedge
2nd March 2015 - Excavation of Toddlers Play Area site
29th October and 6th November 2014 - Building reptile and amphibian refuges
17th and 29th October 2014 - Ground levelling
9th-23rd September 2014 - Path construction
26th August 2014 - Concreting the base for the picnic table
11th July 2014 - First weeding
2nd July 2014 - Site at handover
17th April 2013 - Hedge planting
7-8th April 2013 - Grass collection
11th March 2013 - Rubbish clearance

Latest agenda

AGM. 25th March 2024


25th March 2024 p.47-50
30th March 2023 p.43-46
16th March 2022 p.39-42
8th June 2021 p.36-38
20th March 2019 p.32-35
13th March 2018 p.29-31
20th March 2017 p.25-28
4th April 2016 p.21-24
5th March 2015 p.16-20
20th March 2014 p.13-15
26th September 2013 p.8-12
2nd May 2013 p.4-7
6th March 2013 p.1-3


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Constitution of the Carlton Gardening Group

Background information

A Matter of Perspective - Aspect June 2021
Diamond Jubilee Orchard Project - Carlton News May 2015
Report 2013-04 Carlton Diamond Jubilee Orchard Project
Draft landscaping plan for the Carlton Diamond Jubilee Orchard 2013