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Carlton Charity Lands


The current Representative Trustees are Chris Brockhurst, Graham Jackson (Chairman), Ian Sarson and Andrew Tee. The current Cooptative Trustees are Hazel Davenport (Secretary) and Franco Onesti.


Carlton Charity Lands distributes the annual rental income from two fields in the parish of Carlton in the form of financial assistance to young people with a village connection aged from 16 to 23 at the early stages of their careers. Grants are made to help with the costs of apprenticeships, buying books, equipment, fees, travel costs and starting a business.

Successful applicants, who will receive up to a maximum of £300, must provide proof of purchase before monies are released. When an award is made, the applicant may not apply for another award until twelve months have elapsed from the date of the initial award.

Applying for a Grant

The Trustees usually hold two meetings a year, one in March and an Annual Meeting in November. Application Forms and the Criteria for an Award are available from Franco Onesti by emailing and completed forms must be returned no later than two weeks before the meeting. Notices are placed in each edition of Carlton News stating the date of the next meeting and in the bus shelters and on the Parish Council notice board.


The origins of the Carlton Charity Lands began in 1317 by a gift of land from Simon Geffrey, with the purpose of using the rental income from the land to help young people from the community to establish themselves in work (primarily through apprenticeships). Similar gifts were made in 1431 by Thomas Tymson and by John Hoare in 1481.

On 28th September 1786 the land held by the Trustees was vested in the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor and produced eight pounds and two shillings per annum. This land was near to the north western Parish boundary, and is believed to be to the west of the Stone Pits Field.

In 1912, following the creation of Parish Councils and the transfer of the powers of the Vestry to them, a Charity Commission Scheme transferred the management of the charity to six Trustees. Four of the Trustees were Representative Trustees appointed by the Parish Council for a three-year term. The other two Trustees were Co-optative Trustees appointed by the other Trustees for a five-year term.

The Trustees hold a minute book for the period 1879 - 1925 that records details of an exchange of land in 1889, and refers to an Order of Exchange document. It is not clear whether this document still exists. In 1889 the Trustees exchanged an area of 11 acres 1 rood 28 perches for the current land - 9 acres 0 rood 39 perches.

The Schedule of the Scheme of 1912 records two adjoining closes of land, called The Poor’s Ground or Poors Closes in Carlton containing 10a 3r 2p or thereabouts and let at annual rents amounting to 19l 16s. Although the area of the current land is less than the original, the land does have road frontage which makes it more valuable and easier to let.

The Rector in 1889 noted that the Charity was somewhat the loser in this exchange, and gave 1 acre of his own land to the Charity. This gift was forgotten, and the land became included in Bank Farm. The matter came to light when part of Bank Farm was sold to Severn Trent Water for the new sewage works. The landowner at that time made a donation of £2,000 as recompense for this acre of land.

Land Ownership

The Charity owns three fields on the southern side of Congerstone Lane, between Bank Farm and the railway line. This land is vested in the Official Custodian for Charities. The current tenant is growing Christmas trees on the fields.

Photo across the fields towards the railway bridge, Congerstone Lane to the right of the picture

The Trustees hold a water right, which gives them the right to stank Carlton Brook where it meets Congerstone Lane so that water can flow through a pipe under the road to feed a watering hole next to the railway. There was a dispute about this right with a previous landowner who altered the course of Carlton Brook in the 1970s. The feed pipe was proved to be in place and fully functional at that time.

Present Day

Carlton Charity Lands is registered with the Charity Commission, registration number 228622.

The current Governing Document of the Charity is a Charity Commission Scheme dated 25th June 1912. This Scheme superseded a Scheme dated 31st March 1882. In 2015 the scheme was amended to the current purposes which are, as the following extract shows:

23 Subject to the payments aforesaid, the yearly income of the Charity shall be applied by the Trustees in assisting the self-improvement and education of young people no older than 23 years of age in the civil Parish of Carlton in such ways as the Trustees shall determine.

24 Benefit of Poor – In so far as the Trustees shall be unable to usefully apply the sais income in any year in manner aforesaid, they shall apply the same in making payments, under one or more of the following heads for the benefit of such deserving and necessitous persons resident in the Parish of Carlton as the Trustees select for this purpose, and in such way as they consider most advantageous to the recipients, and most conducive to the formation of provident habits:-

1) The assistance of any persons no older than twenty three years by the provision of clothing, travelling expenses, admission fees or otherwise, upon their entering or enabling them to enter upon a trade or career;<

2) Contributions towards the provision of medical assistance for the sick and infirm including medicines and equipment; and

The supply of material assistance not exceeding £200 per person in any one year t those with on-going health problems.

There are six Trustees, four Representative Trustees appointed by Carlton Parish Council for a term of three years, and two Co-optative Trustees appointed by the Trustees for a term of five years. The Representative Trustees were last appointed in December 2020 and the Co-optative Trustees in November 2019.

The Charity is invited to send a representative to the Annual Meeting of Carlton Parish Council in May each year, to report on the financial position and the activities of the previous year. These reports are uploaded to the Parish Council’s website, and are an important source of information about the Charity for members of the public.

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Governing documents

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