Carlton Parish Council

Parish Clerk: C J Peat, 7 Main Street, Carlton, Nuneaton, Warks, CV13 0BZ
Tel: 01455 290934


Financial estimates for the next financial year are discussed and agreed at the Annual Finance Meeting held in January. The financial year begins on 1st April and ends on 31st March of the following calendar year. Click here for the minutes of the most recent finance meeting.

The Parish Council is required to make an annual return each year to external auditors appointed by the Audit Commission. This return summarises the council's financial position and compliance with accounting standards. The accounting statements and supporting documentation are open to public inspection each year: copies can be found in the list below.

A Quarterly Financial Report is prepared at the end of each quarter, and a Summary Financial Statement is prepared at the end of each financial year. These reports are listed below, and can also be found on the Minutes and Reports page.

The Parish Council conducts its business in accordance with a set of financial regulations, which are reviewed regularly.

Current financial regulations

Financial Regulations

Financial year 2019-20

Report 2018-20 Preliminary financial estimates for 2019-20
Report 2019-05 Preliminary financial estimates for 2019-20
Report 2019-06 Approved budget for 2019-20

Financial year 2018-19

Report 2017-17 Financial estimates for 2018-19 Draft 1
Report 2018-04 Financial estimates for 2018-19 Draft 2
Report 2018-05 Approved budget for 2018-19
Report 2018-16 Quarterly financial statement April-June 2018
Report 2018-18 Quarterly financial statement July - Sept 2018
Report 2019-01 Quarterly financial statement Oct-Dec 2018
Report 2019-10 Quarterly financial statement Jan-Mar 2019
Report 2019-11 Summary financial statement 2018-19
Receipts & payments account book 2018-19
Annual Governance and Accountability Return & supporting documents 2018-19 (unaudited)

Financial year 2017-18

Financial estimates for 2017-18
Approved budget for 2017-18
Report 2017-15 Quarterly financial statement April-June 2017
Report 2017-16 Quarterly financial statement July-Sept 2017
Report 2018-01 Quarterly financial statement Oct-Dec 2017
Report 2018-08 Quarterly financial statement January-March 2018
Report 2018-09 Summary financial statement for 2017-18
Receipts & payments account book 2017-18
Annual Governance & Accountability Return & supporting documents 2017-18 (unaudited)
Public notice of inspection period for 2017-18 accounts
Report 2018-11 Summary statements of earmarked funds & s137 expenditure
Report 2018-12 Assets held on 31st March 2018

Financial year 2016-17

Financial estimates for 2016-17
Approved budget for 2016-17
Quarterly financial report Apr-Jun 2016
Quarterly financial report July-Sept 2016
Quarterly financial report Oct-Dec 2016
Quarterly financial statement Jan-March 2017
Summary financial statement for 2016-17
Receipts & Payments account book 2016-17
Public notice of inspection period for 2016-17 accounts
Notice of conclusion of audit
Certified Annual Return 2016-17

Financial year 2015-16

Financial estimates for 2015-16
Approved budget for 2015-16
Quarterly financial report April-June 2015
Quarterly financial report July-Sept 2015
Quarterly financial report Oct-Dec 2015
Quarterly financial report Jan-Mar 2016
Summary financial statement for 2015-16
Receipts & Payments Account book 2015-16
Notice of public inspection period and unaudited External Audit Return 2015-16
Notice of conclusion of audit
Certified Annual Return

Financial year 2014-15

Financial estimates for 2014-15
Quarterly financial report April-June 2014
Quarterly financial report July-Sept 2014
Quarterly financial report Oct-Dec 2014
Quarterly financial report Jan-Mar 2015
Summary financial statement 2014-15
Receipts & Payments Account book 2014-15
External Audit Return 2014-15

Financial year 2013-14

Financial estimates for 2013-14
Quarterly financial report April-June 2013
Quarterly financial report July-Sept 2013
Quarterly Financial Report Oct-Dec 2013
Quarterly financial report Jan-Mar 2014
Receipts & Payments account book 2013-14
Summary financial statement for 2013-14
External Audit Return 2013-14
Notice of conclusion of audit for 2013-14