Carlton Parish Council

Parish Clerk: C J Peat, 7 Main Street, Carlton, Nuneaton, Warks, CV13 0BZ
Tel: 01455 290934


Proposed Climate Change Action Group (17-07-23)

Climate change is now becoming obvious, and is beginning to have direct impacts on Carlton with record temperatures and more frequent violent storms. These impacts are already set to intensify because of the amount of CO2 already in the earth’s atmosphere. If our production of CO2 is not reduced, life on earth will become very difficult if not impossible for our grandchildren.

A recent report estimates that the Parish of Carlton produces something between 3,136 and 4,279 tonnes of CO2 each year, with each household producing an average of 26.7 tonnes, against a national average of 15.7 tonnes.

As a community we need to investigate practical ways of reducing our production of CO2.

The Carlton Carbon Footprint Report was discussed at the July PC meeting: the minutes of this meeting are on the Meetings and Reports page of this website.

It has been suggested that a Carlton Climate Action Group be formed to look at what other groups are doing, suggest practical actions, and implement and publicise schemes suitable for our community.

Please contact the Parish Clerk if you are interested in helping to create a local CCAG.