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Miles without stiles - update (10-02-23)

Three new kissing gates have just been installed on footpath S48, one on each side of Lount Road, and one between Lount Road and Carlton. The landowner plans to install lockable field gates next to Lount Road, so it was agreed that the kissing gates would be put in first, and the new field gates fitted up to them.

New kissing gates at Lount Road New kissing gates near Barton Road

Left: new kissing gates at Lount Road Nailstone. Right: new kissing gates near Barton Road, Market Bosworth.

An additional three kissing gates have also been installed on the southern section of this path, which ends near the bridges on Barton Road, Market Bosworth. This means that the footpath between Barton Road and Lount Road is now completely stile-free, as are the two footpaths which connect this path to Bosworth Road in Carlton. These links have enabled new stile-free circular routes to the east of Carlton.

We thank the landowners for their co-operation and support, and County Councillor Bertie Harrison-Rushton for funding the works through the LCC Members Highways Fund.

As part of the same programme of works, three stiles have been replaced by kissing gates on footpath S70 which runs along the northern side of the school playing fields and then the golf course in the Parish of Market Bosworth, and three more between Keepers Cottage and Shackerstone Station in the Parish of Shackerstone. The latter installation means that it is now possible to walk all the way from The Square in Market Bosworth, through Carlton to Shackerstone Station without climbing a full stile (there are two low crush stiles at the road at Keepers Cottage).