Carlton Parish Council

Parish Clerk: C J Peat, 7 Main Street, Carlton, Nuneaton, Warks, CV13 0BZ
Tel: 01455 290934


New Information Board (16-12-21)

A new information board has been installed in the garden of The Gate Hangs Well. The side facing the pavement provides information of the history of the Carlton Gate area, while the side facing the garden has an aerial photograph of the Parish showing all public rights of way, with photographs of places within walking distance. The sign was made by Shelley Signs of Shrewsbury, and the project was supported by a grant from the Parish and Community Fund of Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council. The information on the sign was compiled by Richard Liddington and Chris Peat, and a more complete version of the text is available to download.

A film about the information board was shown at the Borough Councils Rural Conference in March 2023.

Cemetery path extension