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Site of Carlton Hall (06-01-18)

The report of an investigation into the site of Carlton Hall has now been completed by Richard Liddington. Old maps of Hall Terrace, Penwood Cottage, and the land behind them show the current line of buildings along Main Street with a large Penwood Cottage, and a second line of buildings at right angles to the road along the western edge of the site which terminate in a relatively large building.

Plan of site - 19th century sale document

The available maps also document a number of different smaller buildings and boundary lines, and minor alterations to the other buildings on the site. In view of these changes, the excavations recovered surprisingly little in the way of rubble, mortar or other building debris.

Excavations revealed the brickwork footings of the line of buildings along the western edge of the site, which had a cellar at the southern end. However, the only trace of the larger building was a short length of wall built of Carlton Stone at the southern end of the brickwork footings. The brick buildings are thought to be of late 17th century date, based on the large number of pottery fragments of this age found alongside them.

Other trenches on the site produced Iron Age, Roman, Medieval and 16th century pottery, indicating a long history of human activity near the historic core of the village.