Carlton Parish Council

Parish Clerk: C J Peat, 7 Main Street, Carlton, Nuneaton, Warks, CV13 0BZ
Tel: 01455 290934

Carlton History


Carlton in 1856
Carlton in 1856 - Part 2
Carlton circa 1920 by Nora Alcock
Carlton in 2011
Carlton 2000
Carlton history notes 1994
Carlton Place Names 2014
Origins of the Carlton Charity Lands
Carlton Charity Lands 2000
Carlton Charity Lands 2010
Turnpike Roads 2003
The 'Carlton' Daffodil 2002
Metal detecting in Carlton 2015
The Shackerstone apple 2015
Dumelow apples 2015
Carlton rhyme 2015
Hearts and Flowers and Medical Research - the Carlton daffodil 2021
A Matter of Perspective - Aspect June 2021 (Diamond Jubilee Orchard)

Buildings and objects

2016 Carlton Church Quinquennial Inspection
The Mysterious Hoop Hall 2014
Hoop Hall, Carlton 2016
More about Hoop Hall,gates and The Gate 2020
2011 Carlton Church Quinquennial Inspection
Carlton's Golden Jubilee Post 2002
Carlton Golden Jubilee Post final design 2002
Golden Jubilee Post submitted design 2002
Restoration of St Andrew's Church Organ 2004
Church Tower renovation 1998
Railway bridge 1993
Victorian letter box
Carlton Victorian letter box
Carlton milepost
Excavation of Carlton Hall 2017
Investigations into the site of Carlton Hall. Dec 2017.
Carlton Hall Research 2018
2019 Hall Terrace Archaeological survey
Archaeological Strip, Map and Sample Excavation to the rear of 42-44 Main St, Carlton 2018
The Carlton Milepost 2021


Shackerstone Walk
Harry's Grave 2007
More on Harrys Grave 2018
Underneath the sewage works
The Stone Pits 2003
The Glebe Farm Green Project 2011
Diamond Jubilee Orchard Project 2015
Pond Project nr Bottle Neck Spinney 2020

People and memories

Sailor Remembered 2002
Class of 1949 - Carlton School 2010
Carlton Village School 1938
Coronation celebration 1953
The Adams Family of Carlton
David Price 2003
George Zuger 1999
Jeff Hawksworth 2006
John Piggon Land's End -John O'Groats 2006
Memories of a Carlton Childhood 2008
A Carlton Childhood 1960-80. J Holubecki (Submitted Jan 2022. 5Mb)
Memories of Carlton 2009
County's Last Hermit 2014
Oldacres family in Carlton 2019
Rectors of Carlton during the 20th century
Rectors of Carlton before the 20th century
Frances Farren 2022


2003 Wings over Carlton
2010 Wartime Carlton

Social and events

Platinum Jubilee Tree Planting, 2022
Carlton Jubilee 2002
Carlton Diamond Jubilee 2012
Coronation Tug of War 1953
Coronation Tug of War 1953 - more
Maypole Day in Carlton
Silver Jubilee 1935
Refusing to quit and wilful damage 1883

Natural history

A new elm tree in Carlton 2021
An English Elm in Carlton 2021
Diamond Jubilee Orchard botanical survey June 2019
The Carlton Alder 2016
Carlton Churchyard wildlife survey 2016
Carlton Creepy Crawlies 2016
Churchyard chestnut tree 2014
Battlefield Line Wildlife Survey(MBNHS) 2008
On the Rocks 2004
Ancient trees survey 1999
Parish Hedgerow Survey
Millennium Avenues 1998
Parish Ecological Monitoring 1997
More on Hay Meadows


Herodotus Pudding 1846

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