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Ash die-back disease (27-06-19)

A significant number of ash trees in the Parish appear to be showing the first signs of ash die-back disease - thinning of the leaf canopy, and absence of leaves at the ends of the branches. As the disease progresses, branches will die back and this season's leaves will turn brown and die, looking as if they have been killed by frost. Severely infected trees look like those illustrated below.

Ash tree showing effects of die-back Ash tree showing effects of die-back

Trees vary in their susceptibility to this disease: very young trees can be killed in one season, larger trees may survive for two or three, while mature trees may survive for longer. The disease results in heart rot which progresses rapidly, so branches may blow down and the whole tree soon becomes unstable. Landowners with ash trees near to roads are advised to monitor their trees and seek advice.

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