Carlton Parish Council

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Bosworth Road - Speed and Signs update (26-04-19)

The Parish Councils proposal to extend the 30 mph speed limit on Bosworth Road by 75m has been withdrawn and other options are being investigated. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, County Highways has now adopted more stringent rules for highway signage, which are much closer to national guidelines. This means that 30 mph signs and speed limits will in future only be installed where there is built development on both sides of the road. County Highways did offer to install a 40 mph buffer zone near Park View Farm, but this would have extended up to near Windyridge and would have meant an increase in the speed limit for the cluster of homes at the bottom end of Bosworth Road.

Secondly, the PC would also have been charged the full cost of any works, including £500 for site inspection and design and £7,500 for the legal and advertising costs of making a modified Traffic Management Order. Even if the proposed 40 mph buffer zone had been acceptable, the likely total cost of the scheme could not be justified.

As part of a response to a recent consultation from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, the PC has suggested that the required legal processes for making Orders should be reviewed with the objective of reducing the costs for all concerned.