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East Green Kerbing Project completed (17-12-16)

The East Green Kerbing Project was inspected earlier today by Borough Councillor Kevin Morell (Lead Member for Rural Affairs) in Singing in the Rain mode. A similar scheme was carried out on the West Green in 2011, and reduced damage and rutting by vehicles and stopped mud and stones being carried onto the road.

Inspection of new kerbs

The East Green Project included subsurface drainage works, painting the seat, and installation of a new litter bin. The project was funded by a grant from the H&BBC Parish & Community Initiatives Fund, s106 developer contributions, the Parish Council, and contributions from the occupiers of the three dwellings affected. The total cost of these works was £16,916.77 (including VAT). The works were funded by grants, s106 developer contributions and donations from the occupiers of 3-9 Main St. The net cost of the complete package to Carlton Parish Council will be £5,674.88.

Before and after pictures are below:

Before After